T-Motor BPP-4D Combo

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T-Motor BPP-4D Combo is combination of motor, ESC and propeller.

The basis is the T-Motor AM40 4D 1850Kv motor. It is a powerful motor verified by top pilots. AM40 uses heat-resistant windings, round magnets and quality bearings.

The motor is supplemented with an AM16A ESC. T-Motor AM16A will be especially appreciated by fans of 4D acrobatics. By holding down the button on the ESC, you can easily switch between 3D and 4D mode. In 4D mode, the ESC can spin the motor in the opposite direction as well. The small dimensions of 24x12mm and the aluminum cooler are also nice. The ESC includes a powerful switched 5.5V 3A BEC for powering the servos. The BlHeli_S firmware, which is widely used especially among FPV drones, takes care of fast, accurate and reliable motor control, where it can withstand even the most demanding conditions.

The last part of the set is a 9" T-Motor T904D F3P 4D propeller. A high-quality plastic propeller suitable for reversing the motor. The propeller is dynamically balanced from the factory for minimal vibrations.


  • 1x Motor - AM40 4D 1850Kv
  • 1x ESC - AM16A 
  • 1x Propeller - T904D