T-Motor AT2306/2300

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AT2306 is a hi-end motor designed primarily for F3P indoor airplanes. It can also be used on Backyard airplanes.
The AT series of motors uses modern materials used in industry-driven areas. Hand made high temperature enameled wire for excellent characteristics of fireproof, anti-aging, greatly extend the working lifetime of the motor. Curved magnets with precise tolerance control and rational magnet space for optimal motor magnetic circuit helps improving motor performance. Cutom bearings are imported from Japan to improve the quality of the motor and prolong its life to ensure smooth and stable flight with a longer flying time.


  • Size: 2306
  • Kv: 2300
  • Weight: 28g (incl. cable)
  • Configuration: 12N14P


  • 1x Motor
  • 1x Set of screws
  • 2x O ring