KAVAN screw lock - red 10ml

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Means for securing metal-to-metal screw joints (anaerobic adhesive) with high strength. Hardening occurs through a combination of two factors - an environment without access to air and the catalytic action of metals. For high-strength joints, where the need for disassembly is not expected. After curing, it has a high resistance to vibrations, water, lubricants and many chemicals.

Suitable for: metal-to-metal screw connections. Can be used on screws and nuts as they are delivered from the factory, without prior cleaning.

Not suitable for: screw connections metal-plastic, metal-wood, etc. and for contact with acids with strong oxidizing properties.


  • Color: fluorescent red
  • Viscosity: 400-600 mPa.s
  • Density: 1.09-1.13 g/cm³
  • Max thread diameter: M20.
  • Withstands hands-off: <15 min
  • Fixed connection: 3–6 h
  • Full strength: 12-24 h
  • Holding torque: >35 Nm
  • Temperature range: -55 °C to +180 °C.


  • Screw lock