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The wing with a traction engine was created as a successor of many years tested models created by Jan Špatný. The wing is much more stable and better controllable than the wing with motor on the tail.

The Storm's small fuselage design is ready for complete hiding of electronics in the fuselage, which makes the model more elegant. The advantage of the wing is stability even in very slow flight, but at the same time very calm in light winds.

The model also meets the rules of indoor pylon racing - RCHP


Wingspan: 650 mm

Length: 250 mm
AUW: 110-130 g
Motor: 2202 - 2204
Regulator: 15A
Servo: 2 x 6g
Battery: 2s 350mAh
Propeller: 5"


kit without accessories

Recommended accessories (motor, servos, controller, propeller, batteries) can be found below.


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